0308_WEB_a_Ringgold_Drone_t800_h5c0cf9854ba90ca49f475ff849c3769766d38416Drone’s in real estate?  Yes,  Drones are on their way to the real estate world.  Sounds like something creepy from a  science  fiction show, but it’s an “unmanned aerial vehicle” and considered an aircraft according to the Federal Aviation Association.  For Realtors, Drones will enhance the service they provide to clients.  Currently it is illegal to use UAV’s for commercial use, except when FAA grants permission.   I suppose this is primarily due to  safety and privacy  issues.  However, the FAA has proposed some rules, which will allow commercial Drone use and this includes use in the Real Estate Industry.  This is cutting edge technology and will allow Realtors to legally take photographs and videos of properties with a Drone. National Association o f Realtors is supporting the proposal and responding to the FAA on behalf of the real estate industry.  Drone photography will be an exciting tech tool to use when taking listings.  It  would also be a great video tool for buyers of vast parcels of vacant land.  Wow, showing properties like that will turn into a real adventure.  I can hardly wait to use Drone’s in real estate.



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