Wheaton Real Estate

Wheaton Real Estate–established 2009! One of my best friends asked me to give his nephew a ride to a 9 day real estate licensing course.  Being a lover of learning, I not only agreed to take him, but I took the course too.  We had a great time, it was a tough course, and luckily we both passed the final exam.  When you receive your license, you must hang it with a broker of record.  So, that’s what we did.  We officially became independent contractors at my friend’s brokerage.  One day my friend asked me to cover the phones at the office.   That was the day when my life changed forever.  With each and every phone call,  every question, or request to set up an appointment, I became enthusiastic and hungry for more.  It was like eating potato chips—you can’t just have one.  What I thought would be just an interesting hobby, or part time job, turned into a 24-7 Realtor lifestyle.  Within the first year, I became a top producing sales agent within the industry.  Loving this, I furthered my education and continued to build a solid client database.  The real estate business is very social and I felt like I gained a whole new group of friends. I worked hard and had a lot of fun doing it.   After 3 years, getting my broker’s license seemed like the natural thing to do.  I was interested in gaining more knowledge in order to service my clients; however, it offered me another monumental event in my life—owning my own company.

Wheaton Real Estate arose from an epiphany.  It was a Friday morning when I awoke with this sudden realization of owning my own business.  Bitter sweet and without a plan, I went into my friend’s office, gathered my belongings, and resigned.  Even while knowing I was following my destiny,  I cried the whole way home.  From that day forward, metaphorically speaking,  each door I walked through led me to the next open door, and I kept going–never looking back and still without a plan.  Four miles from my home,  I found a residence, which the owner agreed to sell me (even though it wasn’t listed for sale) and is now my beautiful office–Wheaton Real Estate, LLC.    It’s been 10 years in the industry and  5 years owning my own company.   I am grateful that my friend and I are still very close, I continue year after year to operate a top producing sales business, and I’m especially thankful for each and every client, or customer who helped me make this company what it is today.

Wheaton Real Estate is located in Cumberland County, Millville, New Jersey.  We offer complete real estate services.  Within the real estate industry, we are experts and specialists, who are forever educating ourselves and the community.  Welcome to the Wheaton Real Estate blog, where you will find real information about national and local real estate, local community happenings, fix it tips, and creative home ideas.

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